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I started Quigo ( back in 2000. We initially developed technologies for crawling and searching the "Deep Web". As search engines started rolling out paid inclusion programs, we evolved our product (FeedPoint) to be an automated platform for creation and submission of huge paid inclusion feeds. In 2003 we extended our product line with AdSonar ( - a contextual ad network for premium publishers. You can read more about the early days of Quigo on my 'Quigo's 6th anniversary' post here.

Before Quigo I co-founded Ad4ever ( where we developed the world's first in-page floating ad technology. Ad4ever has been recently acquired by Atlas (long after I left though...).

Before that I started one of the first web design shops in Israel. That is where the SEM/SEO seeds were seeded.

In addition, I'm a former Israel Navy guy, and an avid yachter.